Not Boston.

June 3, 2010 at 2:23am

Hand Grenades and Ghost Peppers

After succesfully sneaking Bugsey into the hotel, we decided to hit Bourbon Street. It’s name is very fitting. After walking up and down the street of calamity, Jackson made the mistake of mentioning a fried food item:a beignet

Basically just a mound of funnel cake, Dan demanded to be taken to the home of these sugary pockets of dough and grease: Cafe DuMonde. He then ate 2 of them. To put this into perspective, Jackson, Taunie and i split one, it was enough.

Outside of Cafe DuMonde were horse taxis. Since my last pair of shoes had broken and New Orleans isn’t exactly a barefoot friendly place, we decided to take one. I pet each horse, until we arrived at GriGri. He was peeing. That’s how Jackson decided we should take this one. He is one year old and enjoys long walks in the pasture when he’s not touring New Orleans. 

The next day we went to look at the Mississippi. SUPER BIG. We took refuge from the superheat in this mall/sightseeing place. Little did we know the dangers that lie ahead. First we walked through, and came across a mini cafe dumonde. Dan, predictably, ate more beignets. There was a bar, in the mall, by the way. Absurd.

We then continued on our way and ran into MARDI PAWS. There was lots of puppy memorabilia to distract me. There was also an ugly dog in a yellow dress. We had to quickly leave the story after i accidently said “you’re not that cute and you’re in a stupid dress but i like you anyway” right in front of the dog’s owner. Whoooops. but if it’s a dog that even i can’t love. that’s saying something.

We then walked into a deadly trap: the hot sauce store. 

Inside the store was a platter of UNLABELED samples. Being the hot sauce novice that I am, I innocently took a pretzel and dipped it into what looked like a harmless enough sauce. Soon, my mouth was very very hot. Then I felt the insane urge for water. I quickly purchased it from the store, where the girl at the cashier was a quick one “did you try the hot sauce?” me, sweating and gasping for cool air “yea”. She however, was not very quick at her job, and took way too long getting me change. Suddenly the hiccups started. I booked it out of that evil place, and asked the first employee i saw where the bathroom was. She pointed me down the never ending hallway. I began to ran (difficult to believe, but this was drastic) and right as I got the the bathroom.

I did it. I found that one food that makes you vomit instantly. Ghost Pepper.

Then I ate ice cream and it was all better. But it was terrible. Someone should write them a letter and tell them to label their free samples so innocents like me won’t experience that type of pain. and so that the cleaning staff doesn’t have to deal with stupid tourists vomit.

That night, we got really good seafood, went back to bourbon street, and ended the night at cafe dumonde again. Overall, New Orleans was a great success.

The next morning, we were off to Houston.

May 25, 2010 at 12:35am

Holiday Season

We left Atlanta heading to New Orleans. We drove through Alabama and Mississppi. Alabama provided us with a real treat.

Our ipod playlist growing tired, Jackson was generous to buy this lovely album for $6 at the gas station we stopped at… i apologize for the terrible language.

Young Alley Boy wanted to create a hip hop album but found that he was too poor. Hence, his sack was low. Attempting to find a solution to remedy the situation and fill up his sack, he began to rob people. But not just anything, he found an affinity for their chains. Being the upstanding young man that he is, he was courteous enough to inform them that they should tuck in their chain. Finding that they didn’t heed his very clear warning he found no other alternative than to relieve them of their chains and fill his sack with them. He goes on to explicate that he doesn’t respect those who mock his choices because they make him feel like an african american youth who is having a horrible act being performed on the exterior of his posterior. they are also perpetually celebrating the holiday season. 

I have since banned the album for mature content.

May 22, 2010 at 6:39pm

Jackson's Coke Experiment from Dan Finlayson on Vimeo.

Here is the long-awaited documentation of Jackson’s attempt to drink all 60 coke products at the Coke museum.  1:46 is where it gets interesting…


Bugsey Malone.

Ok, so I have this friend.  This friend’s name is Bugsey Malone.  She needed a place to stay temporarily so I (illegally) smuggled her into my dorm room.  She chilled in the suite for a few days before hopping on board with us for a cross-country ride along the great open road.  Oh and if you didn’t know already, Bugsey is a bunny.  A really, really cute bunny.

First we had to pack up Jackson’s car (which was already a tight squeeze to begin with) and find some space for Bugsey’s carrier.  After some major finagling and a few awkward glances from Boston pedestrians, we were set to embark on our journey.

All of us took turns with our furry little friend as we attempted to make her feel as comfortable as possible, while providing entertainment for ourselves too of course.  Bugsey snuggled, danced (according to Ali she loves it) and peed (yeah on me…but she’s cute!) her way into our hearts and soon became a crucial part of our dysfunctional roadtrip-family unit.

Bugsey in the dorms.  Shhhh…

Effective trunk-packing.

Bugsey’s cage is left open to give her the option of roaming around the car OR dancing.  Bugsey loves dancing (especially with Ali).

Look at that lil’ traveling cutie.

THE Hotel - mission: sneak Bugsey into our room.

Bugsey timidly emerges from my bag once we reach the hotel room.

THE Bugsey, timidly emerges from my bag.



WARNING. Jackson watched way too much Jackass as a tween.

We started the day at Steak N Shake … HUGE MISTAKE.

Let me explain to you the sandwich Dan discovered. 

Two buttered pieces of toast with two hamburgers, two layers of cheese, and sauce consisting of all the condiments put together at once. To most people this is called a Frisco melt … Dan steadfastedly refused convention and continues to call it the Frishco melt … this is terribly incorrect. 

After Steak N Shake Dan demanded to be taken to another Steak N Shake … this demand was heavily refused by all. 

So we went to the Coke museum … interjection … Dan NEEDS to put a shirt on right now … anyway we went to the coke museum it was pretty boring. It’s a museum, for coke. (The previous conversation went like this Ali: “Tell them what the Coke museum is” Me: Puzzling over this request considering the name pretty much gives it all away). 

At the Coke museum there was MAD pepsi … ahaha Ali *sssiigghhh 

There was some coke stuff.

kevin mastman we hope you read this

hi mom!!!

and then there was THE ROOM.(not the movie by tommy wyso)

The room consisted of several soda fountains offering every product coke makes EVERYWHERE. I decided to drink a glass of each product … that is over 60 glasses of soda.(Note. this is not the first time Jackson has attempted this feat) 

Forthcoming is a video of what happened. It’s pretty great. For now, here are pictures.

it began like this.

and ended like this.

We then went to Centenial Olympic park, played in fountains that had choreographed musical routines, and met people shooting a commercial.

After this ordeal Dan demanded to be taken to Steak N Shake again for his Frishco melt. After much confusion over what Dan was actually referring to this request was denied … we went shopping instead. 

To understand what happened at the mall you must be aware of a previous conversation. Since none of you were there I’ll recreate it for you 

Dan: “I need new clothes” 

All: (Looking at his t-shirt of cartoon character outdated technology) “Nnnaahhhhh *giggling*” 

Dan: “No but really I dress like a 14 year old” 

At this point I’d also like to point out that it took Dan an HOUR to take a shower … just now and has since delayed our departure to Bourbon St. 

So after being forced by Taunie and Ali to try on clothing that a)fit and b)didn’t have star wars references on it, Dan was ready for our next stop, New Orleans.

May 21, 2010 at 8:47pm

leg 2

We made it to Atlanta in 15 hours, with 2 stops for gas and one for food. At our food break, Dan was introduced, for better or for worse, to the CHEAPEST. TASTIEST. FRIENDLIEST. restaurant in the entire country: WAFFLE HOUSE. 

For those of you who have not been to Waffle House, it is one of the key factors that tricked me into loving the South. Just look at the All Star Breakfast and you too will be tempted to cross the MasonDixon line.

We got to Jackson’s house at about 2am. Dan and Jackson turned around 20 minutes later to go back to Waffle House. We all slightly regret introducing Dan to this southern wonder. 


1 leg

Our first leg of the journey was from Boston to New Jersey, by far our shortest driving day. Ali broke the one duffle bag rule, and therefore had to sit indian style for the entire way as punishments. We arrived in New Jersey and were greeted by mexican chicken stew (something like that), balloons and cake to celebrate Jackson’s graduation. Dan and Taunie were introduced to Degrassi and will never be the same. We set a departure time of 8am.

11am the next day we were on our way to Atlanta. 




We had one essential rule on this trip: THE ONE DUFFLE BAG RULE. This was vital for our sanity and our extremeties since we are traveling in…


A two door Honda Civic. Jackson’s. It’s already done this (and many others) once, let’s hope she can make it through….


(not an accurate depiction, ali’s bad at geography and photoshop)

Boston-Caldwell,New Jersey-At(akahot)lanta,GA-New Orleans,LA-Austin,TX-White Sands,NM-Las Vegas,NV-Los Angeles, CA.

As the wise David Rubinfeld said it’s “the most backass route you could take”, however, as the cross-country veteran Jackson points out “It’s the funnest”.


We’re Not in Boston

Hello all!

There are 4 of us. We are usually in Boston but we are not right now. We are traveling across the great USofA with our final destination being Los Angeles. Most of you reading this probably know that already, but in case you didn’t a) hi b) i hope this entertains you c) i hope you don’t have a record of cyber crimes.

Here are the 4 travelers:

Jackson Hunt. He graduated Emerson College and therefore has escaped the confines of the Red Sox Nation to find greener pastures. He hopes to never revisit the red ones again.

Dan Finlayson-Has not graduated Emerson, but likes to pretend he has. He’s lived in Massachusetts all is life and is hoping that the West Coast is indeed the Best Coast.

Taunie Reddington is replacing 3 years of Emerson with moving to LA and is more than likely the smartest one for it.

Ali Rubinfeld has 1.5 years left of Emerson, and is traveling to LA in hopes that it seduces her into staying. That and she wants to meet lots of puppies from all over the country. 

We have created this tumbl(e)r so that our mom’s (well at least mine) will know that we are alive, and so we can have an eternal record of our ten day journey to places that are NOT BOSTON.

Love always.